Monday, December 17, 2012

Mayan Mixology Meltdown 1: Cenote

The end of the world is nigh, so we're going to take a make up a few Mexican/Mayan inspired drinks to help make the coming apocalypse easier to deal with.

 First up we're going to explore a key part of the Mayan religion, the cenote.  Cenotes are deep sinkholes or pits full of fresh water in the Yucatan Peninsula  Geologists think that they are tied to the Chicxulub crater, which is believed to be the impact of the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Mayans believed that these pits were entrances to Xibalba, the Mayan underworld. The Sacred Cenote at Chichen Itza has been found to contain numerous sacrifices to the gods, including human sacrifices. If we want to get into the mindset of the Mayans that foretold our doom, we need to explore the cenote. 

2 oz coconut water
1.5 oz Blanco Tequila
1 oz lemon juice
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz Blue Curacao
.5 oz simple syrup
Shake with ice and then strain into a chimney glass

Tomorrow JFL continues the Meltdown on Rated R Cocktails

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