Sunday, August 12, 2012

State of the Blog August 2012

First off let me apologize for the silence around here lately. Between my birthday, a gig shooting the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, Tales of the Cocktail taking my subjects, and my sister's wedding July into August was a busy stretch for me and I'm just starting to recover from it all. Anyway enough excuses, I'm getting back into it full bore.

There may be less portraits, not because I don't want to do it, or even that I'm out of people, but just because the folks I have left to shoot are some of the most busy people we have around. If that does become the case we'll continue on here chronicling my own adventures with local boozery and good photos. I'll be doing things like providing recipes, reviewing boozes (local and otherwise), and otherwise talking about things of general booziness.

We're also coming up on my one year anniversary for DrinksBurgh, though it was Drink Pittsburgh back then. To celebrate we're going to be holding an exhibition show with the portraits from the site at Wigle Whiskey on Friday, September 21 through Sunday, September 23.  The opening bash will be that Friday evening and if you are reading this you are invited. More details to come as we work them out.

One final thing to mention. I'm going to be running another blog dedicated to photography and helping teach others how to improve their own drink photography. It's going to be over at Drinktography and it will have everything basic to advanced tips as well as behind the scenes shots from over here.

With all that taken care of as a State of the Blog, go out and have a drink for me, preferably at your favorite local watering hole with good friends and local drinks.

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